Queer Eye for the Justin Theroux

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 22, 2018 14:24:54 May 22, 2018 14:24:54

We first saw Justin Theroux hanging out with Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness a few weeks ago, on Instagram. This weekend they were out Vulture Festival together, along with Tan France and Antoni Porowski. Justin also joined Jonathan for a live recording of his podcast, Getting Curious, where he voluntarily lifted up his shirt to show his back tattoo – a rat and a pigeon, dedicated to his dogs.

I see what you’re doing there, Justin: hamming it up at the photo wall, strategically ingratiating with the “cool” celebrity circles, like that’s something authentically “cool” people do. Here’s Justin on his own IG telling us how tight he is with Queer Eye:


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And, in case you missed this, here he is partying with the legit coolest, aka Rihanna, and another poseur cool, Jared Leto and others, at the Met Gala:


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Is this, then, what was missing when he was married? Being on the scene like this? Showing up at where everyone wants to be? That’s what “arty” and “edgy” is, is it? Trying to get an invite to the best parties and showing it off on social media? And here I thought that that’s what they call “thirst”. 


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