It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood, but make it sexy.


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The Daily Mail turned this into a story about Winnie Harlow “bemoaning” flying coach. Yes, it’s certainly a first world problem, but travel timelines during fashion week are super tight and this is when she would rest. I think the point she was trying to make is that she gets to work on time. Is the flying coach photo more or less obnoxious than posing on the stairs of a (sponsored) private jet?


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Arnold Schwarzenegger imitated Crocodile Dundee while he was comparing his signed knife to the one that Sylvester Stallone signed. The Boomers are not alright. 


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In her New York Magazine profile, Renee Zellweger talks about running into Salma Hayek at an airport: “She shared this beautiful … metaphor? Analogy? ‘The rose doesn’t bloom all year … unless it’s plastic.’ ” Renee is in full bloom for Judy, she’s ready and relaxed for the upcoming campaign. 


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This should be the final word on Joker.