Beyoncé has been gracing us with a lot of vacation photos but I want to go back to this set to specifically talk about the shoes. How would you describe these? I would use all the words: satin square toe platform. They are Versace and while we know B doesn’t align herself with any one designer, we could guess she liked this outfit because she posted three albums around it. And since this, I’ve seen these shoes peppered on my Instagram – this is going to be the It shoe. Or it is. 


I guess we’re supposed to be over leisurewear but I’m not and I never will be! This matching suit is so good – it looks soft, it looks comfortable, it looks rich. (I’m still salty that Love’s Sean John wasn’t honoured at the Met Gala. Huge influence on 90s/2000s fashion!) 


This is not a new photo of Katie Holmes (Lainey posted about the look here) but I do want to talk about how quiet her late summer/early fall has been (compared to early on in the pandemic when she and her now-ex boyfriend were everywhere). It appears she’s single again and I’m looking to Gossip Genie her for cuffing season and may I suggest… Cousin Greg. They both live in New York and are tall and attractive. She’s old friends with Jeremy Strong, so that’s another connection.


In a new interview with Unilad, Gerard Butler said he doesn’t watch Ryan Reynolds’s movies. Not only is this the headline, but they even used it as the URL so when people search for this story, they will find it. It came up when the interviewer compared Butler’s movie Gamer with Ryan’s new movie Free Guy and his response was, ‘Oh sh-t is it… I don’t watch Ryan Reynolds movies,’ which is very specific, right? He didn’t say, “I haven’t seen it yet” or “I haven’t been to the movies much” which would have been a touch more diplomatic. Is this boysh-t or was he kidding? Either way, you know Ryan Reynolds is going to capitalize on it the next time he promotes a movie. 


There’s no update on the Madonna biopic but a concert special is airing on Paramount+ on October 8. Madonna puts on an exacting show and in terms of perfectionism and work ethic is unparalleled in her generation of performers. (The next generation has Beyoncé, of course.) It is exactly that kind of single-focus and rigidity that has probably caused her a lot of frustration in her career because although she can reinvent herself, her work has not connected with the public in the same way. And that’s OK! Dolly Parton isn’t still churning out hits and neither is Cher or Stevie Nicks or Barbra Streisand. Legends deserve to rest. But there is no resting Madonna. And at 63 her ambition and drive is still what it was, even though it’s been a while since she gave us a solid culture-moving banger.