New Miley Cyrus has dropped and this is going to be a huge era for her. She looks and sounds so good. 


The generational divide is not CD versus Spotify, or Blockbuster versus Netflix, or Gossip Girl (2007) versus Gossip Girl (2021), or having a mortgage versus avocado toast. It’s about where one falls in the demonic doll wars. 


Do we get the nepo babies we want or the nepo babies we deserve? Because why can’t we have the four Beatty-Bening children.


I have not read this book or watched this movie, but I can guarantee you that this story will surprise you. The plot twist!!!!


#stitch with @literallyjohngreen lol great story tho. really had me believing 💀 #faultinourstars #munchausensyndrome #factitiousdisorder

♬ original sound - Yaya

The Traitors is getting a lot of buzz both on social media and in traditional media. It’s based on a Dutch show and the UK version is supposed to be incredible. Where should a newbie start?


Ghosts on CBS is a solid network comedy. It just doesn’t feel like a big part of the TV conversation, even though it’s doing well enough for renewal. I think it will find a large audience if it lands on a streaming site. (But it is nominated for two Critics Choice Awards, including Best Comedy Series.)