This morning Lainey wrote about the Brooklyn and Nicola Peltz-Beckham Vogue appearance and who is pushing the narrative. Meanwhile, Victoria attended the Rick Owens show in a severe all-black look (I love it). Rick Owens is a designer other designers love and revere. He inspires on a very high level and his work trickles down the masses, like cerulean blue. So while Victoria never really seems to win over Anna Wintour, she is friendly with people like Rick and Edward Enninful, who is the present and future of Vogue. 


Those who did not live through the black-suited publicist power players of the mid-2000s will never understand the power  of Kelly Cutrone’s withering glare. She single-handedly inspired thousands of women to go into fashion and lifestyle PR and they ruled social events with a clipboard and aura of disdain.


David Crosby passed away and obviously he’s left a huge legacy in music. He was also fun on Twitter, which is no small thing. There’s something great about an icon like him who embraces change, even in small ways, and the really interesting artists are interesting in every medium, from a Rolling Stone interview to a 140-character tweet. 


This morning, Sarah wrote about the charges stemming from the shooting on the Rust set, and I’m so glad because the amount of misinformation on social media about how actors should “check” guns before they use them is completely incorrect. There is a chain of command. People screaming he is a producer also might not understand that “producer” could mean a variety of things on a film set, from a vanity credit to a hands-on role. And yes, I know Hilaria is a pill (going on a pap stroll wearing an “Empathy” sweater doesn’t help) and Alec has had many public skirmishes, but I think that these charges will spur people who actually work in the business to come to his defense. Robert King was the showrunner of The Good Fight (along with his wife Michelle) and firearms were sometimes part of the storyline, including a character who was a ballistics expert. Robert tweeted and responds to people who have, um, pretty misguided ideas of an actor’s role on set. 

Some personal news: I got Madonna tickets! I’ve seen some pretty sexist and ageist takes on her tour, like she has to do it before she gets too old (um, which reunion tour is Elton John on?) and she will be hobbling around (this woman is FIT). Madonna is a workhorse and always has been, she loves to work. This tour is going to be impeccable. 


Jack Ryan is really popular, according to the numbers. Are you watching it? Do you know anyone who has watched it? There’s too much TV to keep up with but when a show is this popular, there’s usually a lot of online conversation. Not so much in this case. 


Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler dated for eight years. She has earned one harmless shady comment.