Nina Dobrev’s birthday was on January 9 and on January 11th she posted about it and now it is January 30th and she is still posting about it. “Birthday month” is a controversial timeline and I think we all have this friend. (Lainey: this is me, I’m that friend.) Is it egregious attention seeking behaviour or a celebratory form of self care?


Martha Stewart took a selfie while getting her hair done and she knows she gives good face. Have you ever taken a selfie while getting a cut or colour? The lighting can be rough. I have tried and look like Gollum. 


Zaya Wade had her Winter Formal over the weekend and she wore a white Rodarte sequin gown with a tulle bolero, a dreamy choice for the occasion. Zaya has dabbled in modeling but she’s only 15 so I imagine that Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union don’t want her working too much. When the time comes, I could see her doing runway work. 


Like seriously, how are we STILL not over The Slap? Have Meryl do it (I believe she is the most nominated person) or Denzel Washington because he’s revered and will not indulge in any nonsense.

This morning Sarah wrote about the To Leslie controversy with an inside baseball assessment of the actual rules around campaigning and who benefits from them. From an audience perspective, my read on social media is that people are bucking up against the idea of what “grassroots” means here (as this campaign was pushed by multiple Oscar winners). Also, the press cycle for actors can be kind of annoying and overly earnest (especially around award season) and the backlash is swift. 


A reader sent me a coupon deal for Scarlett Johansson’s skin care line and there was also an in-store event with goop last week. (Thanks, Niska!) Typically, editors, beauty writers and influencers attend these events to learn about the products, get some samples and snap photos for social media. It does not look like Scarlett Johansson attended, which is baffling to me. She is the face of the brand and its main marketing tool. People who write about beauty have so many brands vying for their attention and one way to ensure a well-attended event with lots of media coverage is to show up. Rihanna and Selena Gomez are two examples of celebrities who show up, a lot, on social media and in person (they both attend in-store events, both planned and surprise pop-ins). Scarlett should not expect any longevity or customer loyalty when she can’t be bothered to work the room. Beauty influencers are a passionate and picky bunch, and rightfully so.


Ed Burns and Christy Turlington have been married for nearly 20 years and we pretty much hear nothing about them, which is a good thing. They could be super mega famous if they wanted (instead of just regular famous) and the amount of blue check celebrities who commented on this post (which Ed won’t even see) is an intersection of musicians, models, actors, designers – pretty much everybody (and Derek Blasberg).