Last week I wrote that Kate Hudson is probably coming out with an album and yes, she is (I was only half joking). That explains the concert.  She also doubled-up on promo and brought her trainer on The Today Show (her nutritional supplement In Bloom has launched at Whole Foods). Kate has multiple businesses including a vodka brand, a podcast, a deal with Fabletics and previously, a clothing line.


What’s next? Skin care or makeup. 


Here’s Ted Danson (in double denim, which I was just talking about!) and Mary Steenburgen in head-to-toe black. I don’t know if it’s the time of year but all black outfits are a thing right now, like JAW and Rosalia (they look insanely hot here). We can hardly call wearing black a trend but I’m keeping an eye on this.


You know who consistently nails the all all-black look? Julianne Moore styled by Kate Young. Love this oversized leather blazer. She’s making a run for May/December and she delivers on the red carpet. Interestingly, Kate Young seems to have lost some significant clients (like Selena Gomez, Margot Robbie and Anne Hathaway) while others like Julianne, Scarlett Johansson and Michelle Williams have stayed with her. 


There was some chatter about Justin Hartley and Sofia Pernas but she recently posted a 2023 recap and he is in multiple photos. If they were splitting, this would not be the way to announce it. Seems more likely that they just don’t use Instagram a lot (he posts about work but not much else). Chrishell Stause got Instagram in the divorce. 


Is Glen Powell the new Chris Evans? Yes, and I can’t explain why. It’s just a feeling.


Kevin Hart is taking legal action against a former assistant and a YouTube host for allegedly extorting him. You can read the details here and the Instagram post about the interview is still up. Kevin is suing for extortion (he was asked for $250k). More to that, his team says there’s an NDA in place and the allegations are defamatory. This is not the first time Kevin Hart has been aired out by someone close to him. Thinking back to his Netflix documentary, when he was caught cheating on camera in 2018, there was also an extortion attempt and it was by someone in his inner circle.  This lawsuit has been brewing for months and the Harts spent NYE together.