Jennifer Lawrence took time on the red carpet to shout out the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City finale and then proved her fandom credentials, again, giving a thumbs-up to the new New York cast and restating her love of Beverly Hills (which, in my opinion, is having a lacklustre season). 


There’s been some speculation that Tiger Woods is parting ways with Nike and this post confirms it. So where does Tiger go next? He might not be a reliable pro player anymore but in golf and beyond, his name recognition still reigns supreme. 

I love that Jack Black stopped for ETALK, a Canadian outlet and the first thing he wanted to say was he hiked the Grouse Grind. Good for him. I’ve lived in Vancouver my entire life and haven’t done it and if I did you can best believe I’d be walking up to strangers saying “GROUSE GRIND.”


Goop’s 2024 January focus is the usual detox/cleanse/eat-a-spoon-of-seeds diet (let’s call it what it is, a diet!) and the new-ish haircare line. There’s an argument in the comments that Gwyneth’s hair, without a professional blow out, looks dry and broken and therefor the product recommendations are worth a side-eye. It’s like when celebrities with a ton of face work (like laser treatments, injectables etc) promote skin care.


I think it’s a fair comparison. The “women should lift each other up, not tear each other down” argument is always going to say that no woman should be criticized for their looks but when someone is trying to sell you an $80 shampoo/conditioner set based on their recommendation, I think a discussion about her real hair is fair game. This isn’t a criticism of a selfie, it’s a critique of a marketing campaign. She’s created a brand in her image so the two things can’t be separated. 


As Lainey pointed out this morning, Janelle James and Sheryl Lee Ralph showed up to the Golden Globes in similar dresses. This sometimes happen and upon further inspection, there are some key differences: Sheryl’s dress is strapless, Janelle’s is one-shoulder. Sheryl’s has a giant bow and Janelle’s is a pillowing fabric from the gloves. They are actually completely different dresses but on a red carpet they read the same, especially for two castmates. So now will there be an Abbott Elementary fashion group chat to avoid this at the Emmys?


I’ve said this about Chris Pratt and I’ll say it again: the internet conversation about him does not line up with how he is perceived by the broader population. His box office stats prove it – he chooses the right films and people will go to a theatre see his movies. Pretty basic for a movie star, yet so few can do it consistently because it’s really f-cking hard.