After 40 years, Goldie Hawn is still being asked why she and Kurt Russell never married. Whatever the reason, it works! I don’t understand why, seeing the general state of marriage, people still question their reasoning. Getting married is not the gold standard of romantic relationships. Plus, she’s done it twice before. Clearly she figured out that she’d rather be a partner than a wife.


This one’s for Lainey and millions of others - Dua Lipa interviews Jennie from BLACKPINK.


More K-pop: Scooter Braun has become a major player in this world and I’m so curious as to how the fandom feels about it. (For more on Jungkook’s latest project, Lainey’s got it covered.)


Now that the actor and writer strike is official, reality TV stands to profit because it doesn’t have to shut down. The crews are different and reality TV stars are not unionized, do not get residuals and generally the pay is quite low. But, reality TV stars have helped build networks and I wonder if at any point, a union will consider adding unscripted performers to their membership. 

Diddy has launched a new digital marketplace for Black-owned businesses with a focus on fashion, art, beauty and lifestyle, Shop Empower. I took a quick look and the site is well stocked with lots of products and price points. This week, I read an interesting story in Puck about some big-name fashion companies that pledged to develop and invest in DEI have… not done that. Read it here.