Right before news of the BIG WEDDING broke, there was another celebrity wedding making headlines: John Cena and Shay Shariatzadeh held a second wedding in Vancouver with a ceremony at the Rosewood Hotel and a reception at The Vancouver Club, both popular wedding venues. (They married a while back in Florida, so this was the party portion.) There’s not a lot known about Shay or their life in Vancouver, and that’s obviously a conscious choice, a real departure from his previous relationship that was the subject of a full-on reality TV show. As John fully transitioned from wrestler to actor (which frankly seemed like a long-shot 10 years ago), the adjustment in his personal life makes sense. 


Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut nails are a new trend and this is how her nail artist does it. 


In an interview with Shondaland, Chris Evans said he’s “laser-focused” on finding a partner. This man knows exactly what he is doing with this, OK? Just like when he turns on the Boston accent or brings Dodger out for a photo shoot, it’s a relationship thirst trap.


Was Drake arrested in Sweden? His team denied it, but there may be something to the story as he posted a legal letter in an Instagram photo dump (presumably because he’s not actually in danger or trouble), and now this is a bit of a flex for him.


Tom Cruise and a friend! Salma Hayek is his friend! It’s nice to know that Tom has people outside of his very, um, tightly managed Scientology bubble. Salma is also friends with Angelina Jolie, someone who does not seem super-chummy with a lot of other celebrities. And this is not a knock on her, at all. I think a lot of “best friend” celebrities (especially the A and A+ list) are performative and tied into promoting work and not based in genuine friendship. That said, Salma could be a bridge for Tom and Angelina to become friends. To be clear, I am NOT Gossip Genie’ing this because I can’t wrap my brain around that, but it could be a fruitful friendship. I have nothing to base this on but I think Angelina would be a very solid, non-judgemental friend, and maybe that’s what Tom needs in his life: options outside of his bubble.