There aren’t enough adjectives for this cover so words like “incredible” and “f-cking fantastic” are not strong enough. Put this one in the archives – it’s a new standard.

Over the last few years in this space I’ve mentioned John David Washington, but he doesn’t use his social media a lot so it’s not as often as I’d like. This new Esquire cover story happened during quarantine so a lot of his family and friends are interviewed over the phone or Zoom (including Zoe Kravitz – their families travel together every year). He comes from fame, obviously: Denzel is his dad but as he has pointed out many times, it is his mom Paulette, a Julliard-trained pianist who was working on Broadway when she and Denzel met, who shaped him. She sidelined her career for her kids. Here’s a clip from his Today Show appearance talking about that, which I suspect will go viral when Tenet is finally released and everyone is obsessed with him. (Also, Robert Pattinson being confused on set is very on-brand for him.)

It’s #sharethemicnow and these are some accounts to look at if you aren’t already following. I’m sure there are more and I really wish Instagram made this info easier to find (particularly as timelines are strictly chronological, which drives me nuts).

Twitter has been kind of wild this week and the latest is that some people are mad that Rage Against the Machine supports Black Lives Matter. Um, what? I’m not very familiar with their music but I thought their politics were pretty obvious. As the person below points out, what machine did those supposed “fans” think they were raging against? Tom’s Twitter bio is “Feed the poor. Fight the power.” There’s no way you could confuse him with Kid Rock.

Tan France is now a U.S. citizen, a momentous occasion. If you don’t know much about him, his story is fascinating: he went from wholesale clothing distributor to Netflix star, without ever having worked on TV. Per this article (from 2019) he is the only out Muslim man on TV. And he got there through fashion, so I don’t think it’s offside to mention his outfit. Perfect swearing-in look. 

A few days ago there was a story in the Daily Beast written by Hannah Seligson, “Will New York High Society Finally Turn on Ivanka Trump?” and yesterday there was a story in Vanity Fair about Jared Kushner possibly being fired (which would likely send them back to New York). Ivanka still has a powerful friends, which has always included older (than her) women like Wendi Deng and Diane von Furstenberg. I don’t think the ones with the yachts will care, at all, about what Twitter thinks of her commencement speech. So while she might not be at the Met Gala, she will still get the invite to Wendi Deng’s pre-gala (a much more exclusive invite). Maybe she won’t post selfies from David Geffen’s boat, but that doesn’t mean she’s blacklisted. I’m not saying it’s right, I’m pointing out how world of elites works.