The Fug Girls posted this cover of Men’s Journal, not a magazine I’m usually interested in. He is dreamy, isn’t he? Dreamy but solid. A reliable hunk. 



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I think the “life hacks” trend died out because people finally figured out that the hacks oftentimes made things more complicated and difficult. (Remember the 3-hour peanut butter sandwiches?)

As The Hollywood Reporter put it, “Another day, another reboot”. This time it’s Punky  Brewster, and Soleil Moon Frye is starring (she plays a single mom of three who meets a young woman who reminds her of her younger self). The original series ran for four seasons, but it had a pretty big cultural impact, right? I distinctly remember an episode when a kid got stuck in a fridge playing hide-and-go-seek. 


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The caption isn’t just hip-hop history or gossip history, it is history, period. Remember the absolute chaos that broke out in the audience? – it was wild. Award shows used to be fun.


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Vanessa Grigoriadis on Madonna at 60: “The original queen of pop on aging, inspiration and why she refuses to cede control.” This is exactly what I want from a Madonna profile. 


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