If you are wondering how and why Hot Ones became an A-list pit stop, read this Natalie Jarvey piece in Vanity Fair. Of course, Florence Pugh is game for a round. Who would you like to see take on the challenge? My pick would be Leonardo DiCaprio but he would never, obviously. 


He hasn’t done SNL so I don’t think an off-the-cuff format would be his thing. (Also, remember when he wouldn’t take a slice of pizza at the Oscars? I’m trying to think of a scene in a movie with Leo eating and none are coming to mind. Maybe he doesn’t like eating on camera?)


The Sun has exclusive reporting on a possible clothing and jewelry line from Angelina Jolie. Now, of course it should be taken with a boulder of salt but because the reporter is basing the story off a trademark application for Atelier Jolie lends, it could be credible. Like Jennifer Aniston (ironically), Angelina has a very consistent style – lots of black, beige and classic cuts without embellishments or prints. Same with her accessories, she’s never going with anything super trendy or conspicuous. I’m curious what her line would look like. 


After getting snapped smooching Harry Styles (that’s exactly the word for it), Emily Ratajkowski is not shying away from letting people know that yup, she was in Japan. She doesn’t strike me as someone who would be afraid of some of his fans and I appreciate that about her.


Martha Stewart thirsting over the Yankees is exactly what we need to slide us into the weekend. I hope she got a locker room tour (wink wink nudge nudge).

Cardi B. is the friend who you can text “Can I be a bitch for a second…” and know it’s a safe space for a major shit talking session. That’s the best kind of friend.


Raise a mason jar of zero calorie liquid to the queen of “you skied into my f-cking back!”