Salma Hayek posted a bunch of photos from the Met Gala and made sure to point out that if anyone was left out, it was not on purpose. That’s someone who knows how social media works. She knew exactly what the comments were going to look like if she didn’t point out that she couldn’t find everyone. It’s a chaotic carpet with staggered arrival times so that makes sense. I would bet some people don’t even stay for dinner. 


Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis continue to appear friendly in public while battling over custody and child support in private(ish). But there’s also a big reason they continue to band together – the rogue nanny is still an issue and I’m sure they want to shut that door for good. It harms both of them to have her out here spilling their family business like secret salad dressing. 


Sunny Hostin explaining Vanderpump Rules to EGOTer Whoopi Goldberg – everybody loves mess. (JLo also weighed in on The View)

One of my favourite Michael J. Fox performances is on Curb Your Enthusiasm, in which he uses his Parkinson's symptoms to torture Larry David and chase him out of his building. Michael’s new documentary Still is dropping next week and a lot of friends are coming out to support him. 

Some actors go into a slump after winning an Oscar and I think the reason is that it’s such a high and leads to an overwhelming amount opportunities. This happens less with A-list actors (Leonardo DiCaprio and Cate Blanchett are never not in high demand), but we’ve seen it time and again for underdogs. 


Brendan Fraser is both an established and well respected actor and for a long time, the underdog. And he said he’s taking his time to choose roles right now and supporting the WGA strike. After what he’s been through, we want Brendan to do exactly what he feels like doing, which in the near future means a Martin Scorsese movie. He said he shows up for a few scenes in Killers of the Flower Moon and it was an epic experience. There haven’t been any photos of him on set that I’ve been able to find. 


A lot of bump debuts this month and it’s only May 5th. 

I regularly read The Cut’s “Both Sides of a Breakup” and this one sounds a lot like Knocked Up – a thriving career woman and a personal trainer f-ck on the first date. If you’ve seen the movie, you know what happened next. Judd Apatow comedies don’t have sequels but apparently he’s working on one for This is 40 (called This is 50), but Knocked Up would make a great sequel. 


Did they stay together? Are they suburban soccer parents? What happened? The cast never really reconciled after the initial fall-out. 

Attached: Salma at the Met the other night.