Oooooohhhh I love this Jennifer Garner cover, the blonde hair and mint Miu Miu. She looks so different and it really highlights how strong her face is. Great job by the Allure team. 


The “Worst Chris” title has nothing on Chris Pratt’s box office record. It’s also proof that social media discourse around celebrities is not the end all be all. It’s one of many bubbles and I’d be curious to see, dollar for dollar, how his popularity stacks up against the other Chrisses. (I would guess he comes out on top.) Reputation is not a straight forward thing, it’s rarely “we like this person, we see their movies.” Do people “like” Leonardo DiCaprio or do they like his films? I think the latter. It’s not like he’s a charmer or has any engagement with fans. Who is the weirdest modern movie star? Tom Cruise. And he saved the pictures!


Robert DeNiro has had his 7th child at age 79. His oldest child is 51. 

KFC tried to start sh-t with Sheree Whitfield of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Let me tell you something – these are not women to tangle with. “Who gonna check me boo?” – that’s a Sheree Whitfield line. KFC should have sat there and ate their food. (That’s from another reality TV show legend, Tiffany Pollard.)


Andrew McCarthy gave an interview about doing the Camino de Santiago with his son (it was Andrew’s second time), turning the experience into a book. And he’s making a Brat Pack documentary. It’s crazy how that group got a name and a whole persona and they really didn’t keep in touch at all. Like not even a coffee in 30 years. 


Noooo not Zelda. Content warning: this is a major bummer but Seth Rogen wrote such a great tribute it should be shared. 

The OG supermodels giving face  – they really are IT, no matter the era. Flip to the second photo to see the next generation and a lot of genetics at work. 


Is this The Rock’s way of announcing Jumanji 3? Or technically Jumanji 4.