Jared Leto decided to scale a building and the collective shrug is kind of funny. I get the feeling he thought this would be a huge thing and everyone is like, “Not now, third best Joker.”


Maybe it’s my sensitivity to the winds of change, but it seems like Sofia Richie is a line in the sand in terms of generational fame. She is, I’m told, very influential with Zillenials, and judging by the volume of coverage she gets from publications like Vogue, her name must get clicks. Apparently, if Sofia is photographed with a bag, that bag sells out. To some of us, she’s Nicole’s little sister and to others, she’s a stand-alone star. I think audience demographic plays a huge part in that. 


The social media managers are working overtime today to push out content that was on hold during the strike. So many projects to promote! I’m particularly interested in Griselda because the real-life story is so cinematic (her life was rumored to be the inspiration for Scarface), and I want to see Sofia Vergara in this role. I want to see a totally over-the-top, bonkers movie about her. 


I’ve been rejected by the Swiftie Gods and did not get a code for her Vancouver show. It’s fine! I’m fine! No FOMO at all. Anyway… she’ll be here December 2024. That’s a long ass tour. I know she takes breaks, but there’s still a huge mental and physical commitment from artists. It’s why many are moving to residencies. Not everyone is built for that kind of travel and exertion.


A Bachelor person said she went to NYU with Lady Gaga and found Gaga annoying because she was always singing. Um, yes we know Lady Gaga is the most earnest theatre kid at heart. That’s what makes her amazing. That’s why she can perform with U2 and The Rolling Stones and Tony Bennett and be in movies. She’s a performer, baby! All that extra work at lunch paid off.


A rare Janet Jackson sighting at Diddy’s birthday. Obviously, she’s an icon. And it’s incredible how private she has remained. I know next to nothing about her family life. One kid? No clue. Name? No idea. Is she married? Not sure. Considering her family legacy, this is pretty incredible. 


I haven’t posted about Aaron Paul in forever, so here he is with life partner Bryan Cranston. I think their alcohol line must be close to an acquisition because they’ve been promoting it pretty heavily.

Yesterday, I linked to the GQ UK story about a possible Oasis reunion. Earlier today, Liam tweeted this. Is it a response to that story in GQ? Impossible to say as he tweets like this all the time.