I’m going to get myself in trouble with this but I have to admit that, like Lainey, I have no interest in Hocus Pocus and have never been able to get through it. That said, I’m very happy for all of you Hocus Pocusers out there. This looks fun. 


Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fischer hosted a Borat screening for their friends, which included Katy Perry and Ariana Grande. Does this mean there’ll be cameos? There is a pop culture legend about the first Borat that goes like this: at a screening attended by Pamela Anderson and her then-husband Kid Rock, he freaked out over her role in the movie (which included a clip of her sex tape) and stormed out. They divorced shortly after. I don’t know if the details have ever been confirmed but it always cracks me up that Borat did them in. (Yes, Sacha’s shirt says “F-ck Mark Zuckerberg.”) 

Last night Emma Roberts was on Jimmy Kimmel talking about the deep regret that comes with buying a parent a smart phone. Her mom set a Google alert for her name and started DMing with fans and replying to their comments, which led to her confirming Emma’s pregnancy without permission. “When I said to her, 'Mom you revealed my pregnancy,' she goes, 'Emma, you announced it.' And I said, 'No I didn't, that was a tabloid.' She was like, 'Oh, that wasn't clear.'" Emma temporarily blocked her but another way to go about it would be to disconnect her WiFi. That leaves tech-illiterate parents with no recourse. 


Zac Efron is now 33 (cue the “feel old yet?” jokes) and is spending it in Australia with his girlfriend. He’s been spending quite a bit of time there and there are rumours that he is going to make it his permanent home. He’s pulling a reverse Hemsworth. 


At least once a week, the “best Chris” conversation pops up on Twitter and, inevitably, the Chris Pratt jokes follow. He is agreed to be the “worst Chris” (at least on social media, which I realize is not in sync with the real world). This week it came up again with a “one of them has to go” format for Pratt, Hemsworth, Evans and Pine. The results were obvious. E! posted about it on their Instagram with a tame caption (they aren’t in the business of pissing off celebs) and Katherine Schwarzenegger defended her husband in the comments for what she calls “meanness and bullying.” She says this kind of conversation is not needed because there are “people struggling in so many ways” which is true, but I don’t understand how that relates to the particular competition. Would stanning Chris Pratt make people struggle less? Or is she doing something cynical and self-serving by using the pain of others to shield her husband from an innocuous and inconsequential criticism? By jumping in, she made the conversation bigger and guaranteed, by end of day, there will be headlines about this. She’s lucky it’s not going down on Twitter because those clapbacks are far superior to Instagram and more easily shared. But to paraphrase one commenter, “Don’t be mad at us that you married the worst Chris.”

Katherine Schwarzenegger defends her husband, Chris Pratt, on Instagram