Last week, I mentioned that Sofia Vergara is TV’s highest paid actress. And while we often equate money with power, it hasn’t bought her any peace from her ex, who continues to use legal manoeuvers to harass her. He is trying to take away her choice and control her life. This report, that her marriage is stressed from the constant lawsuits, is not surprising. Her ex-boyfriend (not an ex-husband or someone she shares children with) will not leave them alone. 


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Hilary Duff has a new very cute baby, Banks. Baby Banks Violet Bair. She gave birth at home, which I could never. I could barely do it in a hospital. And I always wonder about at home births – who handles the clean-up?


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I covered my Halloween costume favourites yesterday, but this report in the Cut (via Page Six) of G-Eazy and Halsey still using their couple costume despite breaking up is kind of sad and kind of puzzling. They were more committed than the relationship. 


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Selena Gomez is no longer the most followed person on Instagram; Cristiano Ronaldo just took that spot. But is it really a competition? Selena is on a social media break right now. As soon as she posts, she will be back at number one. 


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Gabrielle Union turned 48 yesterday. Look at her skin! (She details her skin care philosophy in this article in the now-defunct Racked, which I miss.) 


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How far are we from Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s religious celebration? And who from the Pastor Posse will perform the ceremony? There’s Carl Lentz, who Justin had a falling out with (although many tabloids have reported that Justin and Hailey have visited with Carl and his wife, Laura), Chad Veach (pictured here) and Judah Smith. My guess is Judah, who has the longest presence in Justin’s life. This NYT story on Veach is about 8 months old but still very worth the read; it’s another look into just how much influence these preachers have on Justin, and how much attention he commands from them. 


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