The other day I was wondering when jack-o’-lanterns got so complicated? It used to be triangle eyes and the toothy grin, and now pumpkin carving requires a kit, cutouts, and maybe some power tools. The designs have gotten so complicated, like the Joker shaking hands with Kylo Ren or something. Who carved these things? Bring back the triangle eyes!


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And then when the pumpkins are put outside, there’s the risk of theft, which happened to Sarah Jessica Parker. I would think the uncarved pumpkins (like hers) are even more valuable because then the thieves also get a chance to try to carve the Game of Thrones cast onto the side of a gourd. 


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The Beckhams are in LA for a work holiday and they’ve been doing lots of activities with the children – here’s David at Universal studios with Romeo and Harper. Romeo is 17 and he’s already taller than his dad! Which he made sure to comment on.


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There’s a ranking of celebrity spirits and Aviation Gin came out on top – Ryan Reynolds is pretty proud and posted it a few times (as Blake Lively made sure to point out, he has no chill).

The ranking is done by VinePair and I’m not questioning their expertise, but how are gin, tequila, vodka, cognac and whiskey compared when they are completely different things? Isn’t that just preference? 


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How sad is it that I immediately recognized Ryan Seacrest dressed as Diplo. He got the sunglasses wrong, Diplo wears Tom Ford aviators with blue lenses. I hate myself for knowing that.


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We’ve talked a lot about best costumes (Gabrielle Union and Kaavia James) and Ciara and Russell Wilson as the Carters, but let’s also talk about the worst: Ellen as Cardi B. The outfit and hair are completely wrong. For starters, Cardi isn’t always blonde. It’s not an easy costume to pull off because Cardi has such a range in her style, so I wonder why they went with a black sparkly suit instead of something more recognizable, like her “I Like It” cover art with the checkered suit, cat-eye sunglasses and yellow wig. I looked through this slideshow of Ellen’s past costumes and Cardi B. is on par with Ellen’s efforts –Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj also fell flat. And that’s with all the production money in the world! 


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