Kelly Ripa said The Bachelorette disgusts her and the creator Mike Fleiss responded by saying something gross about paying Kelly’s salary. Is ABC cool with him talking to their face of daytime TV like that? 

For someone who can be very serious, Jake Gyllenhaal seems to really enjoy Instagram.


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Big Bang Theory is ending this year and Modern Family has one more season. Both shows have become like Friends, Seinfeld, and The Office – you can always find a rerun. That will continue of course, but what is the next big network comedy? The kind of comedy that is safe, highly rated, and goes on forever? It’s not The Good Place, because I don’t think it will go much longer (by their choice) and the plot matters, so it would be hard to watch in syndication. I think Mom, which has been around for a few years, has two big stars and is produced by Chuck Lorre, is going to get a lot more popular in the coming years


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Colin Hanks has a line of handkerchiefs called Hanks Kerchiefs. Did he just start the company because it suited his name or does he have a genuine interest in square pieces of cloth?


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Aaron Rodgers played an extra on Game of Thrones last week, which he has hinted at repeatedly for a few months (no one cared enough to check). We know they’ve had a few celebrity cameos, most famously Ed Sheeran. Rolling Stone followed up on his appearance – apparently one of the dragons got him. Out of all the storylines I want closure on, this isn’t even in the top 100. 


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Kaavia James has her own clothing line with mom Gabrielle Union at NY and Company. Look at those legs!


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CBS is sticking with Bull despite having to pay out $9.5 million in a harassment settlement because of star Michael Weatherly. Can you imagine costing your workplace $9.5 million and not losing your job? A CBS exec said, “He’s a dad, he’s a father”, which is the worst kind of reasoning. Read the room CBS! I’d have more respect for the network if they said, “We crunched the numbers and even with the payout, it made sense to bring the series back.” If it’s a business decision then make it about business and don’t bring his family life (which has zero to do with his workplace conduct) into it. 


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I don’t know where or how Chrissy Teigen found this video but she asks the most obvious question: why add the seasoning pack?! And I want to know what happens when hot water touches that part of the sink. Does it turn into soup? (Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.)