If we thought the days of Chrissy Teigen fighting with someone on social media were over, we were wrong. So the latest is a plastic surgeon who used Chrissy’s face as an example of bad fillers and Chrissy responded that it’s weight gain (she also had a baby very recently!) and that she has been open about her procedures. 


OK look, this one is tricky for many reasons. Number one: celebrities often can and do lie about their cosmetic procedures and this creates an impossible standard for all women – including them. I am not saying Chrissy lied about this though. Number two: commenting on specific aspects of a person’s appearance (weight, lips, boobs) is very icky, mid 2000s gossip. But as humans, it’s also hard to ignore when people have had drastic work done. Number three: Chrissy Teigen has a particularly tenuous online reputation and some people take pleasure in seeing what they think is comeuppance for a bully (the comments on the post verify that). Number four: should a doctor be calling out anyone’s face? My opinion on that is NO. This is a gross way to market a business and even the staff fighting in the comments with people is pretty corny. I would not trust any of those people with my face and my face is hardly a money maker.

Chrissy Teigen on Instagram

As Lainey noted, Kevin Costner’s divorce is shaking out like a Yellowstone storyline because he does not want to give up the house they lived in, but she won’t move out. He’s also alleging that she spent $95k without prior warning and yes, that is a lot of money - to us. But they probably have access to that much cash on a daily basis. Kevin’s first divorce from Cindy Silva was a huge settlement of $80 million in 1994. I punched it into an inflation calculator just for fun and today that is worth $164,172,120.11. Kevin clearly learned from it and got a prenup but so far, it hasn’t been effective.  


Francis Ford Coppola posted a throwback shot from set and he’s wearing The Bay coat! This is what I’ve always known it to be, but what do Americans call it? (And for those interested, there are vintage ones available on Etsy and eBay.)


Netflix got the kids (yes I know they are adults) from Never Have I Ever to pour some milk out of a bag but this is another Canadian concept even I don’t understand. I have lived in BC my whole life and have never seen bagged milk, I don’t think it’s a thing here? It’s a regional delicacy.  


Speaking of Never Have I Ever – SPOILER AHEAD -  Sendhil Ramamurthy, who played Devi’s dad (and is certified hottie) revealed an alternate ending that I think is great. The ending worked, but this ending would have worked just as well, and I wonder how the writing team decided on which one to choose.