Lady Gaga’s collaboration with Global Citizen and the World Health Organisation, Together at Home, a worldwide concert event to celebrate those on the frontline, healthcare workers, and scientists who are all trying to get out through this pandemic, airs on Saturday. As previously mentioned, Gaga and the event coordinators have been clear that this is not a fundraiser – she and the development teams have already been securing funds from corporations and high wealth individuals instead of viewers, many of whom have lost jobs or are working on reduced pay, and who are already anxious and stressed about their futures, in addition to their physical wellbeing. That’s what’s been most impressive about this effort – Gaga, the celebrity face for this broadcast, and we’re all associating it with her, is sensitive to the struggles experienced by the intended audience, so she’s not doing this show to compel anyone to give when then can’t. All she wants is for you, me, us to watch and, for a few hours at least, have some home in humanity through music. 


So, speaking of music, more entertainers have been added to the lineup today. And there are a few very big names. Here’s how Variety laid them out:

Global Citizen has announced a second round of artists for its “One World: Together At Home” global broadcast Saturday night, with Taylor SwiftCeline DionShawn MendesCamila CabelloJennifer LopezAlicia KeysSam Smith, Usher and Pharrell Williams among the musicians newly set to join the telecast.

Other personalities coming on board include Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Awkwafina, Amy Poehler, LL Cool J, Lupita Nyong’o, Matthew McConaughey and Victoria Beckham.”

What are the chances that Gaga can pull of the ULTIMATE surprise guests who won’t be announced, but who might appear like right off the top to introduce the event… 


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? 

Is that possible? 

By the way, there’s going to be a six hour livestream pre-event that will happen ahead of the two hour broadcast concert (from home) with even more entertainers on board. But, of course, for heavy-hitters are showing up for the main event. Taylor Swift, probably, would be considered the heaviest hitter there so we’ll get to see which home she’ll be performing from – will she be in Nashville, Rhode Island, New York, or London? The last I heard, she was in Nashville at the start of the lockdown. 

But as big of a deal that Taylor is…can she really FEEL with us the way our Queen of All Feelings, Celine Dion, knows how to FEEL with us?!

She can read our mind

And she knows our story

She sees what we’re going through, yeahhhhh

It’s an uphill climb

And we’re feeling sorry

But she knows it will come to you, yeahhhh 


Celine will us not to surrender, because we can win. In this thing called LO-O-O-V-E. 

Please. I need her to sing that to us. I need this to be the song. What could be more perfect in this moment than this song!? On Saturday night I will be waiting patiently for the Queen of All Feelings to show us how to feel. 

But it's plain to see
If you stick together
You're gonna find the way