Celine Paris Fashion Week, continued…

Celine Dion stepped out to go shopping in Paris today. It’s a low-key outfit by her standards. I love the blazer, with the slits through the sleeves, but I can’t get behind that t-shirt. It’s Vetements, meant to be cheeky, and I suppose you could read it as an act of charity, since nobody gives a sh-t about Paris Hilton anymore – and despite her best efforts, her time seems to have really and truly passed… but still. I’m not entering this into the all-time Celine looks. We can forget it immediately. 

We should not, however, forget her at Valentino in white feathers. Remember, it was at Valentino, in January, where she was moved to tears during the presentation. That collection was one of my favourites in years. Those billowing, frothy gowns – so dramatic, so bright, I can’t wait to see what shows up on the runway this time. 

Celine’s stylists are currently her constant companion, Pepe Munoz, and Sydney Lopez who has, in the past, worked with Noah Cyrus and Courtney Love. Sydney was Tara Swennen’s assistant for a few years (Tara’s client list includes Kristen Stewart, Allison Janney, and Melissa McCarthy) and Sydney also trained with Law Roach. Celine is for sure Sydney’s most high profile client – and so far, building on what Law and Celine started together, the result is that Celine continues to be Paris Fashion Week’s biggest star. 

Celine and Law are still amicable (they posed together at the Met Gala in May) but I do wonder, like from a Show Your Work perspective why they’re no longer collaborating. It may be because with Pepe always around, Law didn’t need or want to be. Or it may simply be volume. Law works very closely, as we know, with Zendaya who just launched her Hilfiger collection this year and has been on two major press tours promoting Euphoria and Spider-Man: Far From Home. He also styles Tom Holland, Mary J Blige, Anne Hathaway, Tiffany Haddish, and Ariana Grande. Zendaya is already a major fashion player, one of the most exciting fashion players. And the others aren’t exactly small time. When you’re Law Roach, then, this is what success looks like. If I had to guess, it was a blessing of opportunities and you can’t take them all.