Here’s Charlie Hunnam in London today continuing to promote King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword. He looks hot in that leather jacket. Hot enough to save his movie? Variety reported yesterday that the movie is looking like an “epic flop”. Forbes agrees, saying it’s “likely (the) biggest flop of 2017”. King Arthur cost $175 million to make and right now they’re projecting an opening weekend take of around $25 million, $30 tops. So, as usual, they’ll be looking overseas to make back the rest of it. Domestically though, even at $30 million, it’ll be considered a bomb.

I always find it interesting watching actors go through their press schedules in these situations, when you’re out there putting a face to a project and already the industry buzz is that your project is being called a flop. That’s part of the job though, right? Any job, really? I mean this is where you can say there’s an intersection between celebrity and civilian. Most of us have all been part of something we worked really hard on but that still wasn’t very good. You have to slog through it. Some slog through it better than others. What’s different between civilians and Charlie, though, is that even though he’s slogging through King Arthur and its possible/probable “flopness” right now, he already has the next lined up, where he’ll be given a chance to try again. In the real world, often, you don’t get to come back after a flop. Or, at least, not right away.