Charlize Theron, who did not date Brad Pitt, has been in New York this week doing some press. She was at Good Morning America yesterday and was seen last night out for dinner. GMA hasn’t yet aired the interview so, presumably, they’re banking it, which is why most think that she’s promoting Bombshell, the film about the women of Fox News and Roger Ailes. Charlize plays Megyn Kelly, Nicole Kidman is Gretchen Carlson, and Margot Robbie is a composite fictional character representing those who reported sexual harassment to Fox Human Resources. A teaser for the film, due out December 20, was released a few weeks ago. It was VERY effective

Even the still from the teaser is effective. Look at their facial expressions!

Charlize, Nicole, Margot

That’s amazing hair and makeup artistry on Charlize in particular. She looks like herself, and like Megyn Kelly. And the way she’s holding her body and the expression on her face – it’s defiant, it’s confrontational, it’s like a bomb is about to go off. Ha. 

With Bombshell’s release date and cast and director, it’s a no-brainer that people are leaving room for it in the Oscars race, even though no one’s seen it yet and there are already several contenders that have emerged from Venice and Toronto. I’m wondering now if Charlize’s GMA appearance will be timed to the release of the proper, full-length Bombshell trailer…coming soon? I’m READY.

I’m also ready to see these three women together on a red carpet. I mean, the fashion porn. Steadying myself now for the fashion porn. Charlize is serving it already. These black pants, with those shoes, are my life. And her hair right now is so f-cking tempting. I want. I can feel all the molecules in my body wanting this for myself. I know I’d be tired of it in a couple of weeks, but for two weeks, I’d be so happy, I’d develop a new personality.

And, check it out, she’s such a badass, that cast on her hand, she even makes that look good.