On September 1st, 2016, Maria declared, “Young Love in the Age of Instagram is Dead” in the wake of the breakup of Chloe Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham. She mourned their matching posts and corresponding clothes. She mourned young love lost.

As of September, a year after they broke Maria’s heart, Chloe and Brooklyn were back on. Last night, the matching looks were back. The easy comparison here is Britney and Justin circa 2001 but please, Brooklyn didn’t even fully commit to the Canadian tuxedo. I just revisited that iconic red carpet moment and dear god, it never disappoints.

I do love how Chloe is styled here, from the draped jacket to the high-waisted jeans and sheer heels. They look GOOD together.  

This is Chloe and Brooklyn’s first public appearance since they got back together and not only did they attend hand-in-hand, they co-hosted the event. So, they’re so solid they’re matching while co-hosting events and the Instagram posts are back. 


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Am I the only one who noticed the ring on Chloe’s left hand, on THAT finger? No one else is talking about the ring. It doesn’t look like a traditional engagement ring but it does have a “B” engraved onto it. Subtle. Are engraved engagement rings a thing? It’s probably nothing. But like Lainey mentioned when she wrote about Justin and Selena’s reunion, when young love is that intense and they’re chasing a high, what high comes after a breakup? Is it the high that comes with the promise of forever? Brooklyn is 18. Chloe is 20. It’s probably nothing. If it’s not, my guess is that we’ll find out through matching Instagram announcements. Maria is refreshing their pages as I’m typing this.

Can we talk about how Brooklyn looks like a MAN now? When did that happen?