Sorry again. I can’t help it. The fact that he was playing Heads Up and… 

Well. You know what happened. But just in case you’ve been offline for the last few days, Chris Evans went super-viral a few days ago because he forgot to edit his video and ended up showing his camera roll and his dick on Instagram. As I wrote yesterday, he’s a single man living in the world. In these times, it would probably be more notable if he DIDN’T have his dick on his camera roll. Obviously the fact that his dick is now in many, many, many other people’s camera roll is not ideal. But he’ll be OK. He is OK. He’s responded: 


I mean, humour really is the answer. As he’s saying through his emojis, what else can he say? It’s out there. It shouldn’t hurt, so he’s not letting it hurt. And now he’s directing his dick towards something positive: voting. Which got the attention of his onscreen mother, adding another layer of hilarity to everything: 

Jamie Lee Curtis played Chris’s mom in Knives Out. I also appreciate this response – excellent pun: 

So what’s the takeaway from Chris Evans’s dick pic? Chris Evans’s dick pic wants you to vote Donald Trump out of office.