Adam McKay’s upcoming Netflix film, Don’t Look Up, already had a crazy high-profile cast. I posted about Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio on set last week, and Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Ariana Grande, Timothee Chalamet, Kid Cudi, and so many more are also joining. 


One more big name has now been added: 

Chris Evans. 

Maybe it was a matter of… proximity? Don’t Look Up is in production in Boston. Chris has been in Boston mostly through the pandemic (with a side trip to London to spend time with Lily James). And he was seen arriving on set today and swabbing himself as part of COVID-19 safety precautions. OK but when you do it yourself, are you really sticking it up far enough to get the sample? I don’t know if you’ve had a COVID test but if you have, at least the kind that we have here in Canada, it feels like the swab is jabbing at your brain and popping one of your memory bubbles. (I imagine our memories like fragile bubbles floating around in our brains, sorry.) The point is… that sh-t goes up real far. And I couldn’t do that to myself but I guess I’ll have to if we can get our hands on some rapid tests! 


Can we just talk about rapid testing and how this is happening on film sets and SNL’s been doing it for almost three months now, testing audience members on the day and getting the results back so that they can let dozens of people into the studio and I know, I know, as many of you have emailed to tell me, rapid testing accuracy has been debated but… um… we’ve been seeing so many examples of how rapid testing is working and when the f-ck can they be mass market like a pregnancy test to work in conjunction with the vaccine rollout? No doubt some of you are going to email and yell at me for this and I’m sure you’re right and I’m wrong but I can’t be the only one asking these questions when we’re seeing people in certain industries be able to employ them apparently effectively. 

Anyway, please enjoy these side view shots of Chris sticking a swab up his nose.