Here are some photos of Chris Hemsworth at the airport in Vancouver, returning to work on Bad Times at the El Royal. That’s the movie I name-checked previously as an interesting project Hemsworth is working on, reuniting with his Cabin in the Woods director, Drew Goddard. I can’t tell if Hemsworth is trying to keep a low profile here or what, wearing that hat that screams “I don’t know how to hug women without creeping them out”. (Fedoras have been ruined forever by the Nice Guy brigade, sorry everyone.) Also, we can now have a debate about whether or not the beard is an improvement or a distraction. I think we’ve all agreed that the Lesser Hemsworth, Liam, is better with a beard, as is Chris Evans. But is Chris Hemsworth improved by a beard? He was hot in Thor: Ragnarok, but Thor is a whole aesthetic. Chris Hemsworth is hotter with a beard: Discuss.

Are you ready for Hemsworth and the rest of the Avengers to hit the promotional trail in just a few weeks? I feel like we’re still in the Black Panther moment, but Avengers: Infinity War comes out at the end of April, so it’s about to be a team moment. For Chadwick Boseman it will be a victory lap, coming off the record-breaking success of Black Panther. It’s also a celebration for Hemsworth, who revitalized his character and hit a franchise high with Ragnarok. And I’m curious to see who emerges as the press tour star this time out. We already saw former press tour star Tom Hiddleston take a back seat during Ragnarok promotion, as Hemsworth reengaged with his own franchise and fans latched onto Tessa Thompson and Taika Waititi. With this Infinity War tour fans will have the main cast of Black Panther to obsess over, plus Spider-Man 3.0, Benedict Cumberbatch, and new faces not yet named. It will be interesting to see how the group dynamics shift, with new leaders coming to the fore and new fan favorites dominating fan attention.