Chris Pine! Once again! So soon! I feel like we don’t see or hear from Pine for long stretches, and then suddenly he’s unavoidable. For instance, showing off his salt-and-pepper wolfman look just a couple weeks ago, and just this week, news that he and Annabelle Wallis have reportedly split up. And now, he’s got a trailer for a new movie coming out in April, All The Old Knives. No, it’s not a Knives Out knock-off, although now that I say that, I WOULD like to see Chris Pine match wits with Benoit Blanc. In fact, let’s get all the Chrises to be in Knives Out movies, and determine Best Chris once and for all based on their characters and the cozy quotient of their relative sweaters. Anyway, back to All The Old Knives.


It's a spy thriller and Pine plays a spy sent to investigate other spies because maybe there’s a mole. He has a past relationship with a fellow spy played by Thandiwe Newton. This movie is rated R, so maybe it will be kind of sexy, Pine and Newton do look pretty hot together. The cast also includes Laurence Fishburne and Jonathan Pryce, and it’s adapted by spy novelist Olen Steinhauer from one of his own books. Normally, I would call this a “dad movie” in the making, but the R rating and the fact that so much of the trailer centers on Pine and Newton’s characters, I suspect there will be sex scenes. Dad movies can’t have sex scenes, dad movies can’t have anything that’s awkward to watch with your dad. If not a dad movie, then this is a down-the-middle spy thriller, which is fine. Whatever keeps Chris Pine in caftans and leopard print.