I appreciate the relationship status updates that we’re getting from the stars during the time of Coronavirus. LA is now on lockdown but before the announcement yesterday, Chris Pine and Annabelle Wallis stepped out to pick up some groceries. As you can see, Chris’s social distancing wardrobe is… excellent. Almost an homage to Jeff Bridges. And please note, they are not panic-buying, walking out of there with three bags between them so they should be good for, say, a week, and then they can go out and get more because supermarkets are an essential service and if everyone just gets what they need there should be enough for everyone! Please! STOP THE HOARDING!

In other Chris Pine news, his next movie release is a big one – Wonder Woman 1984, currently still set for release on June 5. That, of course, is a big maybe because of all the movie delays right now but June is still, relatively, far enough away that they may not have to make a decision this month. If by miracle the world can get this sh-t under control by the end of April, it would be tight but they could still roll out the movie on time. And besides, by then, maybe it’ll just drive the anticipation even higher with people eager to get out and see a blockbuster.

Wonder Woman 1984, pre-Covid-19, was expected to be one of the biggest movies of 2020. The trailers have looked amazing. The costumes have looked amazing. Warner Bros just release new images from the movie today – which you can see here - and there’s a good shot of Chris wearing a fanny pack looking excited about being in what looks to be a hangar and another one of him piloting in a cockpit alongside Gal Gadot wearing the same outfit that and several others of Diana generally being the baddest that’s getting me jacked up about seeing it – when, of course, we can see it. WB reportedly really needs this movie to be a win for them so, if possible, if the situation allows, they’ll likely do all they can to keep the release to June.  


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