Most of the time when I’m writing about Missy Elliott, I’m yelling at MTV to give her a damn Video Vanguard Award already or I’m trying to hype up her latest projects that always seem to go relatively unnoticed. Missy reunited with Ciara last night during her AMA performance and it was the first time in over a decade that either of them had performed at the show. 

Does that make you feel as old as it makes me feel? “1,2 Step” came out in 2005. 2005! That song still slaps. Unfortunately for Ciara, “Level Up” is no “1, 2 Step.” Listen, “Level Up” is a fine song but without the Level Up Challenge, would we still be talking about it? If Ciara couldn’t throw down some fire choreography like she did on that stage, would the Level Up Challenge even be a thing? To me, this is actually a compliment to Ciara. She’s taken a sh-tty song and turned it into a moment, one of her more successful moments in recent history. Good for her. Also, I go to bed at night and dream about Ciara’s weave. I pray to Blue Ivy for a weave like Ciara’s. It’s SO GOOD. Put some respect on this hair. 

The only thing that could distract me from Ciara’s hair and Missy’s leopard sweat suit was a cameo from Missy’s “funky white sista” Mary Halsey. Missy brought her to the AMAs! Can you picture Mary at the after parties? I’m dead.