It’s been almost two years since the end of Homeland, right? Claire Danes is coming back to TV soon – in less than a month, in fact. She’s starring in Apple’s upcoming The Essex Serpent, a six-episode series based on the book of the same name, alongside Tom Hiddleston scheduled for release on May 13. Apple released a first look photo back in March: 

 The Essex Serpent promo images via Apple 
 The Essex Serpent promo images via Apple 

First of all, I’m already obsessed with her costuming for this role. That velvet dress looks sublime and the grey coat she’s wearing, with those strong shoulders, over a white shirt and pants with suspenders might have to be my whole jam for fall 2022. 

But that was two months ago, photos only, and we’ve yet to see a trailer. The trailer must be coming soon, right? Claire plays Cora, a widow who moves to a seaside town for a fresh start after an abusive marriage. There are rumours in town though about a mythical serpent and Tom’s character doesn’t believe in the serpent but probably the story is less about the serpent than it is about their emotional entanglement. And the serpent is a euphemism for… infidelity? 

Whatever. I’m intrigued. I enjoy them both. I am sure I’ll enjoy them acting opposite each other and I’m eager to get a sense of the mood of this story so, yes, a trailer would be great 


In the meantime, here’s Claire jogging in New York, undaunted by the weather. It’s freezing. It’s past mid-April and cold as f-ck. Which is sh-tty on multiple levels because Jacek changed our tires this weekend and wouldn’t you know, yesterday in Toronto it snowed for a couple of hours, like gigantic chestnut size snowflakes and there was freezing rain at times and my point is, like f-ck I wouldn't go out for a run right now. I don’t run outside even in great weather, and there is no way I’d run in this goddamn weather. 

This is why you will never, ever hear me complaining about a treadmill. As far as I’m concerned it’s one of the best inventions ever and the best pandemic purchase we made, even if it means we don’t have a living room anymore because there is a treadmill smack in the middle of it.