Brian Austin Green confirmed a few weeks ago that he and Megan Fox have separated. She, as you know, is with Machine Gun Kelly although they’ve tried to be coy about their relationship status. The other day, Brian was papped hanging out with Courtney Stodden. I don’t know sh-t about Courtney. Haven’t covered her here at LaineyGossip. I’m aware that she comes up on a slow news day. And I also remember that one of the reasons she’s famous is because when she was a teenager she married an actor (who I’d never heard of either ) in his … 50s? Anyway, Courtney is now 25 years old and BAG is 46 years old and they met on social media. According to TMZ , they’re just friends…for now. OK, sure. 


I feel like BAG didn’t mind being seen with her though? And I feel like she didn’t mind either. Brian could again be dating someone much younger. And Courtney could again be dating someone older. Some things haven’t changed. In more ways than one. 

Because after Brian and Courtney were photographed together, Megan and MGK gave up pap shots of them holding hands and kissing. The Daily Mail has the exclusive photos. Coincidence or conspiracy?

This tit for tat pap shot exchange is so mid-2000s, I’m overcome with nostalgia. These days, when celebrities engage in a tit for tat spat it’s over social media. But to the young ones out there, back then, this is how they used the paparazzi. And everyone was in on the action, from Brange vs Aniston to Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, this was a card played by every level of celebrity in the ecosystem. Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox are giving us an old school jam here. I appreciate it so much.