Scarlett Johansson showed up on the final 2017 episode of Saturday Night Live this weekend to play Ivanka Trump in the cold open. Afterward she joined cast members and host Kevin Hart on the Rockefeller Centre ice rink, standing beside her boyfriend Colin Jost. Everyone skated around as the credits rolled and ScarJost was seen holding hands on Michael Che’s Instastory: 

(if you’re having problems with that embed, the link to the video is here)

Presumably, then, they’re together for the holidays. But what stands out to you about this (if you’re Chinese or if you’ve been reading this blog long enough)?

That green hat. 

In Chinese culture, wearing a green hat means you’ve been or you will be cuckolded. The cuckold wears the green hat. 

Seems apt given the course of their relationship this year. Remember, ScarJost was a thing after the last season’s finale. Two months later she was holding hands with her lawyer, Kevin Yorn, and being called Hollywood’s Biggest Player. Which I f-cking love. That it’s the Rihannas and the Scarjos, for a change, who are calling out the plays. Will Colin Jost get to retire his green hat in 2018? Or should he keep it on standby?