Are we counting down time until Creed III? It’s just under a month away, which seems both very near and far at the same time (the end of winter always does). The first trailer was a total thirst trap, but the Super Bowl spot is focused more on the rivalry between Adonis Creed and Damien, the new antagonist played by Jonathan Majors. 


Still a couple of Very Handsome Men being Very Handsome on screen, with bonus Tessa Thompson being Very Beautiful, but I’m really starting to feel the anxiety, and the doubt. Can Donnie handle Damien? You know it’s a good Rocky/Creed movie when you’re worried about the outcome of the fight.

Which is amazing in my case—and maybe yours—because I do not care for boxing at all. Like, AT ALL. But the climactic fight in Creed is legit great, nail-biting cinema. I am SO curious to see what Michael B. Jordan, making his directorial debut, can do with these boxing scenes. He bit off a lot with this—epic sports story, storied franchise, filming a difficult sport for cinema, in IMAX, no less. Other actor-directors have tried one-tenth of that and wiped out hard. The closer we get to Creed III, though, the more hyped I am for it. They’re hitting all the right notes in the advertising, and I’m already invested in the Donnie/Damien drama—these trailers are doing a phenomenal job of communicating the conflict and stakes of the film. 


It also doesn’t hurt that the first two movies are good, and I’m invested in seeing how things turn out for Donnie and Bianca. Ugh, is it March yet?