Social media has a short memory and a long memory. And that contradiction showed up last night when Cynthia Erivo introduced an edit featuring Lena Waithe. Last year at this time, Lena was about to or had just married her now ex-wife Alana Mayo; she confirmed the news in November 2019. By the beginning of this year, however, in January, she revealed that they’d broken up…and she was spending a LOT of time with Cynthia. They were walking red carpets together during award season. In June they both attended Teyana Taylor’s album release party. So these two haven’t been hiding but a lot of people on Twitter seemed to react last night like this was fresh. That’s where the short memory comes in. 


The long memory is that for those who are up to date that Cynthia and Lena have been a thing are not over that, well, given the timeline and the abruptness of the marriage ending, Cynthia and Lena may have done Alana dirty. 

It was a conversation on Twitter that started even before the Emmys. Because both Cynthia and Lena contributed their own corny jokes to Miss Tina’s Wearable Art Can Occur (WACO) virtual gala and, as you can see, their backgrounds are exactly the same:


Living together, obviously. I mean, yeah. You don’t leave a nascent marriage just to get into a “we’ll see what happens” situation with someone, you know? 

As for Cynthia’s style last night – it was Versace and… not my favourite Cynthia Erivo look of all time. We saw those Versace shoulders several seasons ago and it kinda feels dated?