The Beckhams’ British Vogue cover is a triumph, both personally and professionally. Happy, healthy, bonded, flourishing - the photos could not be a more perfect representation of their years of commitment to one another. Edward Enninful is the fashion editor of the future and his anointment of the family means a lot. 

And it came at the right time: the summer was a bit of a victory lap for their marriage. Their spring was marred with silly rumours, then came their 19th anniversary and a summer of family travel – Croatia, LA, Indonesia, France. All together, all the time. It certainly didn’t look like anyone was twisting David’s arm. 

The day the Vogue photos were released, Lainey sent me an article from the Daily Mail. They called it a “publicly ridiculed misfire” mocked by thousands of people. Um, where?!!?!?!?

Of course the Beckhams have their naysayers. Every celebrity couple does. But that is hardly a PR disaster. What the Daily Mail chose to focus on is the quotes from Victoria, calling them corporate. They are also puzzled as to why she didn’t give a clearer picture of the state of the marriage and express, in no uncertain terms, that she loves him. The Daily Mail can’t understand that posing with her husband on the cover is the statement. That IS the love. 

Then the paper goes on to rehash the same story – that he doesn’t like her posting the children on social media. Does the Daily Mail restrict their WiFi? Do they not have access to Instagram stories? Because that is the only way to describe how this theory has survived – he posts about the children constantly on his stories. He loves traveling with Romeo and taking him to events. It is very unlikely that this is a serious crack in their marriage. 

They also said David wanted to “steer clear” of the cover because it was for Victoria’s business. The implication being that he is fed up with her, which is another long-standing theory: that he has invested in her company. For this, again I question the logic. She has actually been the driving force behind both of their success in fashion, which has allowed him to grow into a DILF spokesman (which brings in the majority of their cash). 

For this shoot (and for many of her other important moments with her fashion line), David has applauded her business acumen. It’s one of the first things he always says about her – that she is a great business woman. For some that may seem cold but, between them, that is the ultimate compliment. 

Maybe that is what the Daily Mail is so mad about: the Vogue cover is an unabashed celebration of Victoria, her business, her strategy, her entrepreneurialism, her WORK. That’s why they are trying to stir up sh-t with the above-mentioned article and a new set of photos of David, chatting with a brunette in Miami (this is how they described her). She is, it is later mentioned, the hotel manager. It is not unusual for hotel managers to greet VIP or celebrity guests. Maybe he stays there a lot when he is in Miami. Or maybe – gasp! – he is talking to a woman. 

It’s also not unusual for men to go topless at the pool, but if you were to go by the Daily Mail’s reporting, it is absolutely scandalous. And a lazy, convenient way to tie it into the above bullsh-t about their “PR disaster.” 

David is in Miami for the unveiling of the Inter Miami CF logo, with his friend Dave Gardner (who has always struck me as a bit dodgy, even if he is in a long-term relationship with Liv Tyler). Victoria, of course, posted her support of the new team logo. But if you were to go by the Daily Mail’s account, “the footballer's family was nowhere to be seen for the day of jubilant celebration.” School is back on for most, so I don’t think they are packing up the three younger children and flying to Miami for a logo unveiling, considering the travel time and jet lag. The first week back to school is insanity, with forms and uniform mishaps and parent nights. Will the family be there for stadium opening, or the first game? Yes. But the implication here that this is some kind of rift or abandonment is just bad gossip. Bad gossip undermines good gossip. And it actually underestimates both of them. Which, after 19 years of marriage (and 21 years in a relationship), you’d think the UK tabloids would know not to do. They’ve been hoping, like actively hoping, practically trying to conjure, it seems, a Beckham split for two decades