At this point, yes, I am just trolling Maria by setting her up for requests for “As Seen On Social Media”.


Dakota Johnson is back on the set of Materialists in New York, rocking new outfits for Maria to source. One should be easy, it’s just classic jeans and a white button down, the epitome of “Ralphcore”, as far as I’m concerned. I recently got a new white button down from The Gap, which is the most perfect button down I’ve had in a while. I feel like The Gap fell off for a minute, chasing fast fashion, but maybe Zac Posen is bringing a sense of quality and construction back to the brand, because this shirt is somehow crisp and soft and lays perfectly.


But Dakota also sported a bright yellow, embroidered fit that might be harder to place. I loved Maria’s point yesterday about the reason everyone is so into Dakota’s wardrobe around this film is because it’s accessible, and though this suit is a little more outré, I still think it fits into that category. It’s just bright. Just pick a bright color that flatters you and go all in. It’s also little beachy, maybe. It’s not “coastal grandma”, but there’s a slouchiness reminiscent of the beach, of relaxed porch vibes. We could call it “porchcore” to go with the Ralphcore. I’m just waiting for the day when we get to corecore and the universe swallows itself.

Oh yeah, Chris Evans was there, too.