Dakota Johnson on set

Yesterday, Lainey posted some photos of Dakota Johnson on set and then I was asked about other photos of her on set in a blue baseball cap. 


That’s two Dakota Johnson posts back-to-back. What is this, Jacek Week????

Here is that hat in question, it’s Polo Ralph Lauren. Easy enough, right? Yes and no. There’s new hats (available on sites like Revolve) and then there’s vintage ones on reseller sites, depending on how deep you want to go. (Take “vintage” here with a grain of salt as the hat may be from a past season, but it’s not necessarily a couple of decades old.)


Vintage Ralph Lauren is a mega hot commodity online for a few reasons. The brand has a great reputation for quality, full stop.  And while the preppy, WASPy look comes and goes, it never really goes, you know? You can wear a striped polo shirt in any era and it will look stylish, it’s not like super specific to a moment in time. This type of style is ideal for both investment pieces and for reselling. It’s not about fitting into microtrends like coastal grandma or cottagecore or tomato girl or whatever the TikTok algorithm is feeding us. 

Town & Country did a whole story on Ralphcore back in February and writer Jessica Iredale explains it better than I can. 


Millie Bobby Brown’s gingham summer dress

Not to make it about ME but I’m looking for a pair of gingham pants, but with a very specific cut and so far, no luck. 

Here’s newlywed (I think?) Millie Bobby Brown in a really cute gingham dress, which I sourced as Cider and then I checked a fan account and confirmed. The fan account also had the sandals (H&M).


Can we talk about slides? I think some feet are more adaptable to these types of sandals because for some of us, they don’t stay on! If I’m wearing a pair of slides, I’m literally tripping all over the place and kicking them off my feet with each step. Don’t even get me started on mules. I thought this was just me but there’s all kinds of advice on Band-Aids and hair spray and sticky pads to help. If I have to use a sticky pad to keep a shoe on, that shoe is not for me. 


Anne Hathaway’s Gap dress

Anne Hathaway gagged us – again! – with a Gap shirt dress and I wasn’t sure if they would release it. It dropped this past Monday and sold out very quickly. 

Is this a sign that mid-size retailers are BACK IN BUSINESS? Who knows, but every retailer is trying to create this kind of buzz. Gap has been actively seeking it. And yes, it’s the Anne Hathaway effect - never underestimate Anne Hathaway. But it’s also a really good dress by a thoughtful designer (Zac Posen). This is a glimmer of hope for quality in a sea of fast fashion: better fabrics, more detailed tailoring. Just better quality clothes that can be worn for a very long time, and then traded and passed on for years.


Is this the end of concert tees (for now?)

I love reading about fashion as much as I love talking about it. This new piece by Samuel Hine for GQ is so interesting because it’s about how we wear our passions. Merch, from the New Yorker tote to the Renaissance tee, is meant to convey who we are to the world. And he examines how the rise and fall of those sartorial declarations ties into Covid, economic anxiety and identity.