The most high profile celebrities on a yacht holiday right now are obviously Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez but this summer, after a year of restrained (by their standards) summer holidays, so many rich and famous people are back to the yacht thing in the Mediterranean, including the Beckhams. 


Last week, David and at least two of the Beckham kids, and Victoria’s parents, were seen at various stops in Italy including Positano and Capri. David was jet skiing with Harper Seven, sun tanning on the deck, and opening a bottle of wine during family lunch. Trying to figure out what he’s eating here…is it a carrot? 

You can’t see Victoria in these shots, but she’s been posting on Instagram today from Paris to promote her new collection and she’s wearing the best piece from F/W 2021 – the military dress: 


Here’s a better shot of it: 

Really, really good right? It’s the slightly dropped waist for me, I love it. This is a piece that will never go out of style. But unless it goes on mega sale, I will never have it because the price point is wayyyyyyyy out of my range.


You know what Victoria has been able to do though? Full service herself, literally from top to bottom. It’s clothing, including shoes (the VB shoe line is the strongest its ever been this season, in my opinion), and also skincare and makeup. So the entire look she’s posting today is all hers. 


Rihanna, obviously, has been doing this for a while so I’m not saying VB is unique in this respect, not at all. But there are some people who still don’t take her seriously in this role. I may not have at the beginning. And you know the British press, sometimes it seems like they’re making offerings at whatever church and temple they can in the hopes that her fashion and beauty empire will crumble. And still she keeps hustling.