Sorry, but let me just make it about me for a second. You know how Swifties are always looking for Easter eggs? Well… is this an Easter egg? 


It was a Squawker called Raquel (hi Raquel!) who brought this to my attention in the comments on our most recent mailbag at The Squawk - in her TIME Person of the Year interview last week, Taylor Swift quoted from Gladiator, the most famous quote from Gladiator: “Are you not entertained?” Which is what I did, way back in September shortly after her rom-com with Travis Kelce first premiered. You can read that post here


Lol, I really don’t think so. But Taylor, Tree, if you’re reading this – no notes, this is my favourite show, please don’t stop, don’t ever stop. 


And on that note, let’s get back to the show… or, rather… the post-game show. Kansas City may have lost on Sunday but we all won yesterday when new photos of TNT blew up on social media. 

Looks like Travis and Taylor did not go home to sulk after the game but instead hooked up with friends for cocktails and holiday cheer. And those friends shared photos of Taylor and Travis on their accounts. One of those people was Travis’s barber, Patrick Regan, who gave us the money shot. I'm embedding it below, but you can also see it if you flip to the last slide in this Instagram post. 

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift on Patrick Regan's Instagram

There are other pictures but we need to analyse this one first. This is the one I sent to Kathleen, who blows up my phone the most with TNT content. Kathleen was busy in New York yesterday and, as she put it, “not checking my Tavis Tok”, looolllll. So I had to be the one to update her on the #1 rom-com of the year. Ever the perv, she wrote back “More!” before noting “that hand needs to be lower, Trav”.


That’s not the hand that does it for me, though. I like the way his right hand is holding her left forearm. Am I OK? WHY IS THIS SO SEXY TO ME?! 

Also the expression on his face. This man is living his best life – or looking like he’s living his best life, and that’s why this show keeps giving. Because it checks off so many fantasy boxes. I wrote at The Squawk last week that the reason Chinese and Korean romantic dramas are so popular is because they play out like heteronormative romance novels, where we get the inner monologue of the male lead and how he thinks the way we want him to think. Travis Kelce walked right out of a Korean rom-com, I swear. 

So now it’s her birthday eve. The tabloids are reporting that he’s planning something big. Are we getting a new episode tomorrow? Make your predictions at The Squawk