No but seriously… is this scripted?! 

Wait, stop. Stop before you answer. Because I’ve decided I don’t give a sh-t if it is. Taylor Swift is giving us very good, no-regret gossip. If you want to complain about this you have not come to the right place; no complaining will be happening here. I love this show. I love that she’s giving us this show. As Maximus said, “Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?” Taylor Swift is in a situationship with a modern gladiator, arguably the best tight end in the NFL. They just put their romance on public display… in a sports coliseum of all places. I would be lying if I said I was not entertained, especially since this seems to have been set up so perfectly for us over the last two weeks. 


The rumours about Taylor and Travis went mainstream about two weeks ago, around the time of the MTV VMAs. He put it out there in the summer after shooting his shot with the friendship bracelet at her concert at Arrowhead Stadium, which is where he usually plays. His brother keeps talking about it. He was just asked about it last week and said the ball was in her court. And then yesterday, with Kansas City playing at home, with Taylor watching from his suite, alongside his mother, Travis scores a touchdown. My favourite part of this is when Taylor screams “Let’s f-cking go!” right into his mom’s ear, LOL. 


You know who might be the happiest about Taylor’s presence at the game? FOX, the broadcaster. They kept cutting to her, which is the right decision. A football game on television is not just athletics, is what I’m saying to the beer-drinking aggro bitching at the TV. A football game on FOX is a television show, it’s entertainment, it’s a business. And if he’s putting on a show for the popstar in his box, let us see the f-cking show. Thank you, control room director for doing your job. 


So it was a win for everyone except Chicago and the Bears. Travis scored, KC blew out their opponent, and we gossips got to feast on our new favourite reality series, the Taylor and Travis rom-com, with moments like these: 

And by gossips, I also mean his teammates: 


Also, the memes – this one is my favourite: 

Here we are, just weeks before the release of 1989 (Taylor’s Version) and she also happens to be half of pop culture’s new Power Couple. Taylor, the “Mastermind”, is at it again. 

After the game, Taylor and Travis were seen leaving together. 


As for his outfit… of course there’s an Easter egg in that too: 

They drove off together in his convertible: 

Is there a song that comes to mind? For me it’s…


You come and pick me up

No headlights

Long drive

Could end in burning flames or paradise”


Basically what I consider to be the best song in her extensive catalogue. 

Look at this shot of them driving away and tell me that’s not the vibe. 

Like I said the other day, Taylor is being openly pursued by a man many consider to be one of the reigning kings of American football, by US cultural standards, an American god. For a girl who sings about high school all the f-cking time, she’s back in her prom queen era. Taylor loves this for Taylor, and I love it for Taylor too. But, mostly, I love it for us. Taylor is willingly giving us great gossip. It really is 1989 all over again.