Imagine if we wrote the name of every romantically unattached celebrity and threw it into a hat. Then imagine we chose two names. What is the most random pairing could we pull?

Angelina Jolie and Diplo would be pretty high on the list, right? DeuxMoi posted this screenshot from Diplo’s story in which he and Angie were at the same outdoor barbeque. 

Angelina Jolie at Diplo's BBQ


It’s a semi-public setting, hardly a date night at Nobu. And on Twitter there’s some speculation that Pax is into DJing and there might be some crossover with Diplo’s social circle, which makes sense. The fact that Diplo took this creeper shot and posted it tells me two things: 

  1. He was fangirling over Angelina Jolie.
  2. He wanted people to know he was hanging out at the same spot as her without directly telling us he was.

All of this points to “definitely not dating” but…um… would it disgust you to know I would not be mad at this pairing? Obviously not forever (probably wouldn’t last a month) but if Angelina was feeling ready for a no-strings attached fling, this is a top-tier choice. He’s invested enough in his own celebrity to not sell her out publicly and he travels constantly, so she wouldn’t need to worry about him hanging around too much. He’s dated famous celebrities before (Kate Hudson, Katy Perry) so he knows the drill. As for what’s in it for him, well, did I mention it’s Angelina Jolie?! I think that would seal it on his end. 

As of right now we don’t know anything beyond this one photo and it’s probably nothing, but there’s hope here for great gossip. What if he gets all in his feelings and makes her a playlist on Spotify? What if she develops a crush and starts wearing his cowboy hats? It’s a post-pandemic summer and anything can happen.

2021 might just be a messy bitch who lives for drama.