Page Six broke the news yesterday – Chris Evans and Alba Baptista got married in Boston over the weekend. Per Page Six, “an insider tells us the nuptials were “locked down tight,” as guests signed NDAs and phones were forfeited.”


Well how tight could it have been locked down if was then made known less than a day later? 

Maybe the guests gave it away. The wedding was an “intimate ceremony” with close friends and family which included the Avengers. Robert Downer Jr, with his wife Susan, Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky, and Jeremy Renner were all seen around town. 


According to PEOPLE, which has also confirmed the marriage, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski were also invited. Chris and Emily co-star in Pain Hustlers, which premieres tonight at TIFF. They will not be attending because of the strike, obviously, but if the union hadn’t called a work stoppage, they would have been in Toronto, for sure, to promote the film. And they’d likely have been promoting it over the next following weeks until it drops on Netflix on October 27. 

I wonder, then, whether or not this was always going to be the weekend of the wedding, or if they moved the date around back in July when SAG-AFTRA declared the strike. Would they have gotten married sooner, like before TIFF, or after? Not that it matters in the long run, my point is just that this weekend in particular may not have previously worked on his schedule because of the film. 

Chris is the current Sexiest Man Alive and he and Alba went public with their relationship basically at the same time. It was Instagram official a couple months later. He’s usually pretty guarded about his personal life, particularly his dating life, and now with hindsight, with the wedding, greater meaning can perhaps be assigned to the images and videos he chose to share of them together. Chris Evans is married. And why do I get the smutty tingles that there’s more news on the way?