Some assholes are trying to sh-t on Harry Styles for wearing a dress in Vogue. Those people are also getting a lot of attention. While I think it’s great that everyone on social media pulled up to defend Harry, I also worry that putting a spotlight on the haters just satisfies their need to troll. It’s not like they didn’t know that people would react. There will probably be no agreement on what the right thing to do is here. So let’s just agree that the world needs more Harry and… BTS! Because, seriously, they have better makeup routines than most of us. (Cele|bitchy) 


As if there wasn’t enough affection for Dolly Parton, we may eventually also have to thank her for getting us the f-ck out of this goddamn pandemic. Her donation funded one of the vaccines that we’re all putting so much of our hopes on. She’s an angel, OK? And when asked about it? Of course she answered in the most graciously Dolly way possible. (Dlisted) 

Peter Morgan’s The Crown is currently the pop culture conversation but all of this started nearly 15 years ago, or maybe even before that with The Queen starring Helen Mirren. Here’s Helen, resplendent in white sequins at the premiere. I looooooove this whole look. I love the fit of the gown. I love that her hair isn’t overstyled. I love that neckpiece. And if you told me that this photo was taken this year I would have believed you. (Go Fug Yourself) 

On the last episode of Show Your Work, Duana and I talked about the work of Stacey Abrams, focusing on the, um, hornier parts of her work that we argue had an impact on the election. Now more romance authors are coming together to push for change, to make sure that democracy is upheld. So don’t you ever let anyone sh-t talk romance novels and romance writers ever again. (Pajiba) 

I saw the headline of this essay by Cazzie David and I was like, yep, I know that life. “Too Full to F-ck” is the title. And you can relate too, right? After a good meal, I just want to chase my steak or pasta or sushi or whatever with sleep, not sex. I also can’t f-ck when I’m gassy. Which is why it’s always been a mystery to me how people can f-ck after drinking beer. (The Cut)