When Dolly Parton says she wants to be on the cover of a magazine, the correct response, if you’re the magazine, is to say, yes, please, we will pay YOU, Dolly, to be on the cover of our magazine, how can we make this happen? The magazine in question is Playboy. This cover should have been out yesterday. Here’s a fun Dolly fact that I just picked up on recently: as we all know, Dolly is committed to her appearance, which includes too much makeup, a lot of tits, and a tiny waist. When she performs, she doesn’t like her mic packs to be attached to her waist because it adds bulk. So instead, she has a mic compartment built into her wigs so that they can be hidden there. This f-cking legend. COME ON! (Dlisted) 

Katy Perry is pregnant and she’s craving foods that she never used to be into. Like hot sauce all the time. I don’t know why hot sauce wasn’t a part of her life before but, yes, hot sauce makes everything better. I often wonder what my pregnancy cravings would be because I basically eat everything except for raisins. This would be my worst nightmare and that’s why I’m not having a child: what if I all of a sudden started liking raisins. Raisins are the opposite of hot sauce, they ruin everything. (Cele|bitchy) 

This is, indeed, a lot of dress on Greta Gerwig. I think, though, that it’s almost a winner. If you take away the three ruffled bands, it would make a significant improvement, non? Also this wasn’t the best shoe choice. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Not enough people went to see the most recent Charlie’s Angels movie which is a shame because I liked it, it was so fun, it was a throwback, and I wonder, now that it’s on demand and DVD, if it’ll become a cult favourite. Because it deserved a lot more love than it got. And Kristen Stewart was great in it. She was clearly having the best time. (Pajiba) 

I think I like the idea of a mimosa better than a mimosa. Not that I ever want to complain about champagne but it’s too early. I’m conditioned to not want that flavour until later in the day. And now some people are suggesting that instead of a mimosa… go for a beer with your eggs? Would you? (Eater)