A couple of days ago, after British tabloid reported that Dominic West’s wife, Catherine Fitzgerald, was considering leaving him after he allegedly told her he had feelings for Lily James, a few weeks after he was photographed all over her in Rome, the happily married couple decided to go for a jog near their home in the Cotswolds. The running trails in the Cotswolds, you can imagine, are teeming with paparazzi. And one photographer inconveniently stumbled upon on Dominic and Catherine while they were getting their exercise. How rude and intrusive. 


As many of you mentioned in your messages to me that day, Catherine didn’t look like she was wearing shoes suitable for the activity. Look, I’ve seen some people running in flipflops so who am I to judge what footwear she prefers when she’s getting her kilometers in but… this is of course the couple who called an impromptu photo shoot outside their home with a handwritten note pinned to the bushes so… 

Again I would like to offer my services – and yours too – for their image management.

But oh!

There’s an update!


This just showed up on Instagram: 

Dominic West and Catherine Fitzgerald on Glin Castle's Instagram

Glin Castle is the ancestral seat of Catherine’s family; she owns the property now and she and Dominic were featured together in Architectural Digest at the castle in January 2019. The outfits they’re wearing from that feature are the same as what they’re wearing in this photo on Instagram. 

Why they’re posting a nearly two year old shot of the two of them right now is anybody’s guess. One guess might be to underscore the message: We’re good! Everything is fine!

Well that totally settles it, doesn’t it?