Brad Pitt and Neri Oxman, artist, architect, academic, may or may not be dating. Over the last couple of weeks, “sources” connected to Brad haven’t done much to change the “may or may not” description of whatever is happening between them. And, remember, it’s not like celebrities aren’t familiar with the art of the firm denial. There’s not been a firm denial from Brad about Dr Oxman. Anything resembling a denial has been accompanied by a “but”. Example: “They’re just friends…but… he really admires her.” Or: “Brad and Dr Oxman are not dating…but he has such a great appreciation of her work”. So our interest in Dr Oxman keeps growing. Which is why she’s getting papped now and she was papped again while heading to class yesterday at MIT. 

And now there’s a new interview with her at CNN Style. To me, this reads like an email interview, it doesn’t have the flow of a real conversation and the responses are obviously curated. Here’s her answer when asked about the places inspire her:

Walden Pond, the Chauvet Cave, the local hospital, the Armenian Quarter in Jerusalem, the market in the Old City, the Atacama Desert, old people's homes, my grandmother's garden (only by memory), the Wailing Wall, Taliesin West, my childhood home, an open sea, my mother's arms.

Aaaaaaand Brad Pitt just popped a boner. 

Here’s a tip for Brad, if he needs one, on what he can do to turn his “may or may not” situation, if that’s really what’s going on here, into a “definitely” - perhaps Dr Oxman wouldn’t mind a little courting: 

I loathe categorization, I cherish my independence, and I treasure chivalry. I live just fine with ambiguity and I welcome a good quarrel about all things designed or grown—except for when men misnomer "confident" with "poised" and "passionate" with "feisty". I work hard.

Looking forward to seeing Brad Pitt perform chivalry.