Dear Gossips, is headquartered in Toronto. And we had a big night in Toronto on Saturday – the Toronto Raptors beat the Milwaukee Bucks to advance to the NBA Finals for the first time. On Thursday, May 30th, 2019 the NBA championship series will begin north of the border. It’s historic. 

In pop culture, there is one artist associated with Toronto more than any other. That, of course, would be Drake. Exactly a year ago this weekend, Drake went viral because of his beef with Pusha T. He celebrated the anniversary by going viral – and doing the most – as a cheerleader for his hometown.   
From the very beginning, Drake has repped the 6ix – in his song lyrics, on his album covers, with his nickname, Drake and Toronto are inseparable, and Drake and the Raptors are… 

Well that’s the question some people (who aren’t Toronto-based) are asking. 

Forbes is wondering whether or not “Drake’s antics are good or bad for the Toronto Raptors”. Closer to home, Jack Todd, writing for the Montreal Gazette, wrote this weekend that “Drake disrespects Toronto, the Raptors, and basketball itself”. Sportnet’s Arden Zwelling (great name), argues that Drake is a “protagonist for [the] Raptors and modern, fun NBA”. 

I’m from Toronto so I don’t think I have a say here on who’s right about whether or not Drake is bonus or an embarrassment. I am, however, a student of gossip and from that perspective, I don’t ever want Drake to stop being Drake. Drake annoyed Milwaukee fans so much his songs were banned from their radio stations. Now, randomly, he’s found himself in some kind of beef with Smash Mouth. You know, the band from the 90s? “Hey now, you’re an all-star”? Some of you are probably still shaking your heads. Smash Mouth was promptly dragged for it, which is now a story – congratulations Smash Mouth – and Drake hasn’t responded but if he did, he might clap back that he’s so big now that he can resuscitate a brief flicker of relevance for a band that no one was even thinking about. As I have said, time and again, Drake is the artist who has made best use of new media, and whether it’s intentional or accidental, somehow he is, more than anyone else, always the beneficiary of a viral moment

At the Raptors games, Drake is acting on the sidelines like he’s either calling the plays himself or that he’s the one scoring some of the points. For some, it’s annoying. For others (like me), it’s hilariously entertaining. And a reminder that Drake has no chill. He’s never had any chill. Aside from the Degrassi association, that’s why Duana loves him so much – because Drake isn’t too cool for anything. He’s a f-cking nerd. And Drake has always been extra but I don’t think anyone can even imagine how much more extra he’s going to be in the finals. 

We The North. The North is coming to the NBA Finals! 


Yours in gossip,